Monday, May 16, 2011

jilly pilly

dear jillian nicole russon:
so...i know this is a bit late...but that's what happens when your birthday lands the week of AP testing!
but better late than never :)

once upon a time...there was a blond and brunette. they had two little baby girls 8 months apart.
one little girl had a head full of curls and the other had GIGANTIC deep brown eyes.
these little girlies grew up a few blocks away...and were friends before they can remember.
they did everything together.

they played princesses, fairies, sang and danced to the Dixie Chicks, practiced make-up application and nail painting on each other...and dreamed of growing up and living next door to each other,
each with a handsome Mr. Right and a front porch swing.
time passed and they spent their summers at swim lessons, roller blading, and playing street hockey.
they built huts on grassy empty lots and jumped on the tramp till the sun set.
little miss brown eyes taught curly locks to ride a bike and bought her her first pair of flip-flops.
curly locks introduced brown eyes to the world of fairies and little brothers.
middle school began and they helped each other survive.
curly locks turned to sports and brown eyes began to dance.
not wanting to leave each other behind...little miss b taught curly locks a step or two (sashe...step...leap!)
and curly locks taught brown eyes to shoot a ball.
high school brought more craziness..more sports, more dance, new friends, and BOYS.
curly locks and little miss brown eyes grew apart...but not far.
they still met together for late night talks...or sometimes a drive.
brown eyes went to games and curly locks didn't miss a dance concert.
all of a sudden..they got all grown up.
curly locks looks at her beautiful best friend.
she loves her confidence...her signature silliness...and her strong testimony.

though we're going our separate ways jill...we'll never be far apart.
best buds forever :)
love you