Sunday, August 7, 2011

you know you've graduated when...

so i know i've taken quite a lengthy leave of absence from the blogging world...but i'm happy to return!
you see..this two month disappearance has been as a result of my new quest of adjusting to the adult world... and i'm ashamed to say that blogging got pushed aside. but on my adventure so far..i have learned a few things. number one: i have actually graduated from high school. its taken many weeks for that piece of information to soak in..but i think i'm finally getting used to the idea. and better yet? i'm actually enjoying it!(well...most of it...) honor of my new discoveries..i've compiled a list to help the rest of you fellow class of 2011ians also accept that we actually did it :)


you find excitement in buying sheets, hangers, and garbage cans for your dorm room

you've forgotten what the term "sports conditioning" feels like

your summer hours are no longer spent reading AP summer work novels or writing essays

you work extra hours to SAVE your money...instead of spending it immediately

spending friday nights out with friends is no longer the most important thing in your life is your best friend for purchasing ridiculously overpriced textbooks (insert your school website here) replaces facebook as your "most visited" website

people start wanting to set you up with return missionaries (aahh! run for your lives! or at least your single life...)

and last but not least...

you drive by Provo High School with an expression of sheer joy on your face, sometimes even bursts of laughter, knowing you never have to go back there again.

blessed day :)