Thursday, April 28, 2011

yep that's me!

alrighty....this is MUCH over due....but here goes :)

this weekend I discovered something about myself:

this is how it all began....
Saturday morning, Fano picks me up for our Prom day date.
The doorbell rings...I open the door...Fano hands me a pair of army fatigues.
The questions begin forming.
After I changed into my lovely new wardrobe of camo...I am escorted to Fano's garage.
The door opens and I am told to "choose your weapon"
yeah buddy.
Before me lies a table with every piece of ammo Bond himself could even hope for...
Let the air soft war begin!
We met up with the rest of our group and war it was!
Cameron...going over the rules in the beginning said this...
"boys...AND're going to have to tone down the competitiveness"
well that just served as gas to my engine!
Needless to say...I lived up to my reputation...
Just call me Lara Croft ;)

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