Sunday, March 20, 2011

"what the creepy?"

Friday night...I'm sitting at home, being lazy, when Ashley and Ali decide to come rescue me. As I'm waiting for them to pick me up, I glance out my backdoor to see if they're here yet. Wait a second...there's people out there! I open the door saying, "What the creepy?" only to hear, "CRAP!" and see several boys take off into the bushes. Uh oh...I think I just caught someone asking me to Prom. AWKWARD.

But despite the embarrassment date persevered and returned a few hours later to finish the job.
After several rings to the door bell..I found this:
Inside the "hart-socks" was this note:
 Hmmmm...the key?
oh wait..the BASKETBALL KEY!
Low and behold:
And right in the center of the key was THIS:
And what was inside the basketball?
A wee bit clever?
capital YES!


  1. jenessa i can hear your voice when i read your blog that is how i know its good <3 its super cute<3

  2. When I see you I simply think of one word. Elegant. Love this blog! :)